March Nursery February 2018

Mar 1, 2018March Latest News, News

Under Two’s

In the Under Two’s Unit we enjoyed celebrating Shrove Tuesday, and got creative to make some pancake pictures using felt tips, pencils and crayons. We used lots of bright colours and talked about what foods we enjoy having on our pancakes! We also then made our own real pancakes which we had with a range of yummy toppings.  We also took a stroll down to our local library this month, and we enjoyed exploring the many books and stories.


In the Toddler Unit this month the children have showed a great interest in different types of sensory baskets. To celebrate St. Valentines Day, we explored some pink and red themed sensory baskets, which also included some paper hearts. We also took a trip to the park this month, where Toddlers joined some of our preschooler’s as they explored the play equipment and had splashingly good fun jumping in muddy puddles.


This month Preschool have been exploring their local environments, and had great fun during a visit to the park. Prepared with our wellington boots, we had a great fun splashing in the muddy puddles, exploring the play equipment, and we even had some running races too! We can’t wait for our next trip!