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March Nursery April 2017

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Babies and Little Toddlers

This month our Babies and Little Toddlers have enjoyed exploring lots of different sensory play activities. One of our favourite activities was the blue pasta and rubber duck activity, where the children enjoyed rolling the baby ducks along the pasta to meet up with “Mummy Duck”. This activity was extended within our water play activities, where the children used our rubber ducks to swim and splash in our water tray and also down our slide.

We have been exploring the garden and enjoying the warmer weather. The children have been joining in with lots of physical play, climbing, running and sliding on our play equipment. Some of the older Toddlers decided to decorate a wall with lots of different chalk marks. The children were very pleased with their large canvas of art and were keen to show their friends and encourage them to get creative too!

Big Toddlers

This month we have been enjoying getting ready for Easter, investigating and exploring in lots of different Easter inspired sensory trays with a variety of smells and textures, as well as using their new skills using scissors to cut out different Easter decorations. A topic we have been learning about is animals, after the successful vet role play area. We were lucky enough to have Izzy the dog come along to see us. The children enjoyed stroking her and watching her drink her water after her long walk to the nursery.


This month the children were very excited as we received our pet stick insects join us at Nursery.  The children have really enjoyed getting them out of their tank and watching them crawl around on the children’s hands. To celebrate Easter, we have taken part in a variety of Easter activities, including going on an egg hunts in the garden finding chocolate eggs to take home. The children were discussing what they would like to make their role play area into this month and they came up with a puppet theatre. The children have had great fun putting together lots of shows for their friends here at Blackberries.


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