March Nursery May 2019

Throughout May the nursery children have been exploring the life cycle of butterflies, watching them grow from teeny tiny caterpillars before they transformed into beautiful butterflies.

Under Two’s and Big Toddlers have been exploring mini beasts going on hunts in the garden to see who they could find. The children enjoyed looking at the butterfly’s wings with the different colours, they recreated these by carrying out symmetry paintings, looking at the variety of patterns created.

Our Preschool children have been looking at the life cycle of the Caterpillars, they were very excited to see the tiny caterpillars being put into their individual homes where they watched them grow even bigger. The children watched with fascination as each Caterpillar went to the top of their home to make their cocoons, before moving them into their new habitat where they emerged as Beautiful Butterflies.  

The children were also very excited to have a visit from Shelley the Giant African Turtle, Shelley enjoyed exploring the garden and the children observed how slowly she moved to get from one place to another.

Our core story this month is “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which you can find in our books for bedtime scheme to take home and share with your children.           

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