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July Fun Wisbech

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Some of us have started their transitions into the next room, to help to make our transition as smooth as possible we have been incorporating various activities and toys that we show particular interest to, these have helped us in our new environment, playing alongside others and interacting with new staff. The cars were particularly popular to play with.

We have added some new wind chimes into our garden as a different sensory experience which were created using forks and spoons. This has helped with many senses and aiding with our physical development as we pull ourselves up to touch and beginning to side step to access the others across the fence.

Recently we have been exploring a box which we incorporated into a song time routine for ‘wheels on the bus’ and ‘row row your boat’, as well as investigating other different ways to use the box. We created many different sounds with instruments, balls, and duplo bricks, we also added shredded paper inside.

Toddler 1

To introduce a fun new way of painting and mark making, and to also incorporate the Wimbledon event into the activities we have been doing, we decided to use tennis balls to paint on a large piece of paper. With guidance from an adult, we rolled and threw the balls to create an array of mark types. To support the understanding of mark making we used one colour each so that we could see what marks they made, however as the activity became child-led the colours became mixed and we created a more of a rainbow effect. We all seemed to have high levels of interest in this activity when both observing and participating. This new concept to mark making seemed to be enjoyed by all.

Toddler 2

We have been looking at the topic of summer. We have been creating our summer display and using footprint painting we have made flip flops. We really enjoyed exploring the texture of the paint using our feet and we laughed when it tickled!!

We have been very creative this month making lots of different summer things to go on our display, we have been painting using pastel colours and we have also been doing sticking using various resources to stick on them. We have made sandcastles, fish, shells!

This month we have been decorating our bumble bee’s to go on our birthday board, we have been talking about the colours of bumble bee’s and looking out for them in our garden!!


As part of our Summer/beach theme we created a punch and Judy set. We painted ‘the stage’, made puppets and then acted out shows in front of an audience of our friends! Very good fun for all! ☺

In the garden we have really been enjoying our hill and tunnel in our pre-school garden, playing water games and sports and making the hill part of the obstacle course!

We have also been exploring an ‘under the sea’ theme. We have created our own deep sea reading corner and made sea creatures using lots of different resources and techniques. We have had deep sea messy play, made sensory bottles and fish tanks and lots of other great activities! We had a go at drawing our own sea creatures, take a look at the fantastic octopus we drew which we were very proud of!


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