July Fun Peterborough

Baby Room

Our theme this month is Summer Holiday’s. Therefore, we had lots of water and sand based activities to encourage sensory exploration. We have enjoyed using both spades and our hands to dig in the sand to find sea shells. We have also been investigating different flowers and leaves in water, watching them float and move around in the water. We have been very creative by using different media to decorate summer themed pictures for our display within the room.

Little Toddlers

We have been preparing for our Pirate themed toddle waddle. We have been dressing up like a pirate and exploring the pirate ship. We have enjoyed playing with the talking parrot and learning new words such as; ‘pirate, ship, captain and patch’. We have also been decorating our own pirates, for this, using different materials such as tissue paper ad felt. We really liked investigating the different feels of the materials before we stuck them to our pirate.

Big Toddlers

We have had a fantastic time learning all about mini beasts! We have been able to look at mini beasts both inside and outside in the garden! We particularly liked going on a mini beast hunt, where we found bumble bees and butterflies.
When we have been indoors we have explored sensory coloured rice which had some mini beasts hidden inside. We had to search through the sensory rice to find the hidden creatures.


We have been enjoying the great outdoors, be it on the climbing frame in the lovely soft tickly grass area, which is perfect for sunbathing!
We have also been experimenting with the changing weather – using ribbons and streamers to guess which way it will blow next, how strong it will be and for how long.
And we have been exploring the wonderful slidy, oozy, sticky properties of ‘moon sand’ – a mixture of sand and washing up liquid – it has a strangely soft and bubbly feel to it.

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