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Having Fun at Blackberries March

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We have been getting Messy! We have been exploring how something can change when we add or take away from it.
We explored the porridge with pots and pans, filling up the pans and role playing with our friends making birthday cakes and singing to them. Next we added water to the porridge and mixed it all together; we said “it’s sticky!” and rolled it into balls in our hands.

We have also created soap slime.  We needed a little help from an adult to begin with as the bar of soap needed to be grated into a bowl.  We explored the texture of the soap while it was dry. Once we had finished we then added water to it and helped to mix it together, after a while it turned into a puffy mixture. We said it looked like “pudding” but we knew not to eat any because it wouldn’t taste very nice! We added some food colouring in to make it look pretty. With a little support we soon got stuck in to exploring the gooey slime!


We have been taking part in our weekly cooking club. We have used lots of different cooking skills such as mixing, weighing, chopping and rolling to make a variety of yummy food. Cooking club supports us in so many way areas of our development, including creating a curious and positive association with food. Plus we things its lots of fun! Take a look at the sausage rolls we made recently! They were delicious!

As part of our maths exploration we help to choose and create a counting song to display in our pre-school room. We decided on ‘5 Little Frogs’ to link with our current literacy story ‘The Teeny Weeny Tadpole’ by Sheridan Cain. We also have some tadpoles in the garden that we are watching develop and grow into frogs. Take a look at our fantastic display. We like to sing the song and help the frogs leap off their log and jump into the water!

Blackberries Butterflies

We have been learning about the process of metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly. To help us understand this were able to watch the change ourselves. When our caterpillars arrived they were very small, but they grew so very rapidly each day! We watched as they made their cocoons and waited excitedly for them to emerge as beautiful painted lady butterflies. Once they had, we were able to feed them and investigate the way they move. Once they were ready we released them into the garden.


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