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Having Fun at Blackberries Wisbech

by Jun 3, 2015News, Wisbech Latest News0 comments

Baby Unit

We think painting can be lots of fun! We showed lots of interest in building blocks, so we thought it would be a good idea to use them for making marks. Climbing in the tray made it a lot easier for me to use our feet to feel the paint.

We have been showing lots of interest in books, we have been promoting making lots of different sounds and words. As we looked through one of the books we noticed a snail and its shiny trail.

Toddler One

We are looking at the changes to the season and as part of this we are adding leaves to our spring/summer tree display. The creative activity involved us choosing which type of leaf we would like to decorate and what type of resources we would like to use. We used a wide variety of resources, including: tissue paper, paper, card, paint, pens, pencils, felt and more. We were guided by an adult, who helped to demonstrate what to do and how to explore the resources to create a finished piece.

When out in the garden, we have been using the musical instruments to make lots of different sounds and beats. We have been listening to all the different instruments exploring the way we make the sounds.

Toddler Two

To support our learning and development we have access to a range of new resources. Some favourites of ours include the new water tray and the large foam construction blocks.
We have been using the water tray both inside and outside. It has helped us to play alongside each other while we enjoy the sensory experience. We have used jugs, cups, toys and bubbles in the water tray. We have even given the dolls a bath in there!
We have been exploring the large foam construction block in a variety of ways. We have been building towers, creating stepping stone paths and because they are extra soft we think it’s great to fall into them! We have been working together as a group to create our variety of structures.


Our garden area has been under development and we really enjoyed watching the fantastic work take place. While some painting was taking place we thought we would join in, so we had a go at painting the fence with brushes and water!
We think that our new play tunnel is fantastic, not only can we explore moving through the tunnel; we can also travel over the top!

We planted some broad beans into glass jars in our room. We have been watering them and watching them grow. Now they that are bigger and stronger, we have been able to plant them in the garden, where we will continue to take care of them.


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