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Jun 3, 2015News, Peterborough Latest News


Our song for the month is ‘Tiny Tim’. We have been able to explore this song in lots of different ways. Such as singing along to the music, taking part in doing the actions and using a variety of musical instruments to play along to the sound we can hear. We have been getting our families involved by taking home a picture of a turtle to decorate for the fantastic display in the baby room.

Little Toddlers

We have revamped our Wow display. This is where our families and those looking after us can celebrate our fantastic achievements. We have themed our display around ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story, by Eric Carle. We all now have our own caterpillar, and each part of the body will have one of our latest achievements on.

We have been continuing to see some fantastic weather, so we have been able to spend lots of time in the garden. To help support our physical skills and development, we have been investigating the hoops. We have been moving our bodies through the hoops and exploring the different ways we can make the hoops move.

As part of our maths development we are looking at learning to recognise different shapes. We have been painting shapes different colours and using them to learn the names of the shapes. We have then been on a journey around the nursery to see if we could spot any more shapes!

Big Toddlers

This month we have been focusing on dental health, talking about how we keep our teeth clean and why. We have been discussing the foods which are good and bad for our teeth.

Fatima’ from the dental practice in Stanground kindly came to see us to help reinforce our monthly topic on ‘Dental hygiene’. We were very excited. Fatima explained to us that we should be brushing our teeth twice a day. She also explained that if we have sweets then we should brush our teeth really well. We spoke to her about when we brush our teeth and told her what colours our toothbrushes are. Fatima used the laminated pictures that we’d already been looking at to reinforce what she was talking about. She then showed us her dentist jacket and mouth guard. We were really enjoyed her visit and talked about our trips to the dentist. We especially like the free gifts that Fatima gave them us the end. It included a toothbrush, 2minute timer, and some activities!


We have been looking at the properties of water and what we can do in and with it. First as a group we discussed water: how it felt, what it looked like, sounds that it made – we came up with some great descriptive words, sploshing, sloshing, dripping, waves crashing, wobbling, ripples, shimmering, wet, cool, and damp. Then we talked about how water moves and explored blowing to make our own waves and rocking the large tray to make them bigger. Next we dripped water from a height and dropped objects into the water to observe the ripples made, we watched as they started small but grew and grew, we found that they were perfect circle shapes. We then had lots of fun just splashing about.

We have also been learning about dinosaurs this month. First of all we discussed fossils and how palaeontologists dig up the bones of creatures from long, long ago. We looked at their shape and the bones that have been found then made our own using playdough with various objects that we could imprint. We then looked at dinosaur environments and had a fantastically messy time exploring different textures such as gloop and Gelli Baff to get our dinosaurs really messy! We covered a table with a layer of cling film, a layer of shaving foam and another of cling film and explored the ice age that may have made our dinosaurs go extinct!