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Throughout this month all of our families have been busy supporting their children at home. One of their favourite activities was our Easter Egg Colouring Competition. It was fantastic to see all of he amazing artwork….and a HUGE well done to our winners and runners up!

Prizes and certificates are on the way to you!!

Check out the fun we have all been having in our gardens and outdoor environments too, with our virtual gardening club. What great experiences all of our children and staff are having growing lots of lovely, flowers, fruits and vegetables!

Our Blackberries Team and their children have had great fun in their gardens too

Look at Debbie’s vegetable patch, and amazing radishes!!

Emma’s daughter is growing a sunflower, and keeping a diary of it’s growth.

Esther’s children have been planting pansies, lobelia, and petunias!

Our Sunflowers have started to grow and our being protected by gardening club assistant Frank.

Fun Fact: Fun Fact: The world’s tallest sunflower reach 9.17m High and was grown in Germany.

Please click on the ‘Parent’ tab and find our Parent Story Hub, where you can explore “Jack and the Beanstalk” and home.

Children have been finding our Learning Packs interesting, and have had fun ‘Having a Go at Home!’

Some favourite activities have been Making and exploring Play dough! Measuring all of the ingredients and mixing them together. What fun, using their senses to explore the play dough – rolling, squeezing, pulling, poking.

Areas of learning and Development

Physical Development: Moving and Handling

Communication and Language: Speaking

Mathematics: Shape, Space and Measures

Expressive Arts and Design: Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Please check out all of our Have a go at Home packs on the Learning from Home tab. There are lots of fun activities to do at home – ‘Making Gloop’, ‘Listening walks’ and lots of other fun ideas!

We have been thinking a lot about how we can spread positivity and show support through these uncertain times, and think the rainbows are a fab way of getting Blackberries involved in community support for key workers, and to brighten up our settings through our closure and in readiness for when we can reopen our doors to our families.


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