Free Additional Activities

Free Additional Activities

Our additional Sport, Music and Movement and Cooking Clubs are delivered in conjunction with our own Practitioners and by outside Professional Coaches. These additional groups for our children, are vitally important if children are going to remain keen learners for the rest of their lives.


all-4-sports-multi-sports-for-schoolsHaving launched in 2009, for the last 6 years we have worked with Blackberry House Day Nursery to deliver sports coaching and a host of under 5s activity sessions! We encourage all children to join in, offering an array of sport activities during our sessions! We help children learn essential sports and fitness skills, whilst ensuring they have fun and enjoy themselves. We want to give every child the opportunity to enjoy sports whatever their ability.

Sticky Kids

sticky kids

Our Sticky Kids Programme enables the children to develop not only their physical skills but also their language and social skills.

Our qualified Nursery Practitioners lead the club and join the children for a fun session of music and movement club, which promotes social interaction, increased listening skills and global physical development.

Little Chefs

little-chefs-cooking-club‘Little Chefs’ is our very own cookery club, overseen by our nursery chefs. The children get to make savoury and sweet culinary delights, using a variety of different methods and techniques. Our club also teaches the children about where our food comes from and allows children to participate in growing their own produce.

Our Little Chef’s, get to try new foods as they explore foods from other cultures. Our furry friend “Ratatouille” allows children to share their kitchen experiences and familiar recipes from our “Little Chef’s” recipe book at home with their own families or maybe sharing a new recipe with us!

Key Sports

key-sports-and-coachingKey Sports is a leading local company specializing in providing quality sports coaching and sports activities for children aged 3-11 years around the Peterborough area.  Our aim is to inspire more children into sport and provide a positive, fun sporting experience with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports and activities.

Key Sports offer over 12 different sports to include football, basketball, multi-skills, athletics, tri-golf, dance, gymnastics, dodgeball, tag rugby, hockey, dance, and netball. Through sport we encourage children to enjoy being active and to help promote a healthy, fit and fun lifestyle.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for Gardening

RHS Gardening logoThe RHS Campaign for School Gardening inspires and supports schools and childcare settings to provide children with gardening opportunities to enhance their skills and boost their development. Gardening encourages children to become stronger, more active learners capable of thinking independently, as well as embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle as an important tool for success during their education and beyond.

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