Forest School Spring 2020

Apr 7, 2020Forest School Latest News, Forest Schools News

Throughout February and March, the children have enjoyed using the Forest School area, they have been exploring mud and puddles, and have been focusing on bugs and wildlife.

The children have been making mud pies, using the mud, water, and other natural ingredients to make their own mud pies. They had fun mixing, pouring, and using their imaginations to make their muddy creations!

The children have started been the environment and looking more closely at what animals we can find living in the forest. The older children have had a go at drawing the bugs they can find, and the younger ones have been learning the bugs names and looking under the logs to see where they live.

The children have enjoyed making bug hotels and spider webs. They went on a hunt to see if they could find bugs and talked about where they live.

Forest school encourages children to embrace their potential. Children can be children again and enjoy using their imagination.

They have the opportunity to use nature in creative ways using their own independence.

EYFS links:

PSED: Seeks out others to share experiences (22-36).

PSED: Demonstrates sense of self and an individual (22-36).

CL: Uses single words (8-20). CL: Uses different types of everyday words (16-26).

CL; Understands who, what and where questions (22-36).

UTW; Can talk about some of the things they have observed (30-50).