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Forest School July & August 2020

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Throughout July and August, the children have enjoyed using the Forest School area and our other nature areas, they have been exploring what mother nature is and how we can look after the nature around us.

The younger children have been introduced to clay modelling in July, where the children learnt fine motor skills and used their imagination to make their own little clay bugs. We also made clay faces to put on our trees to remind ourselves that the nature around us is just like us and needs to be taken care of so it can grow big and strong.

The older children have been introduced to our new exciting full day sessions starting at 0930 and finishing at 1430. The children learnt how to keep themselves busy out there using nothing but their environment, the children created their own kitchen out of the logs to make forest soup. We then made clay animals of the bugs we found that day. But most importantly they had to create a den for shelter in case it rained. We had lots of fun ?

We didn’t let the rain stop us this month either, we had lots of fun splashing about in the puddles with our wellies on and talking about how the splashes are bigger when we jump higher into them. We also talked about where the rain came from and why puddles are made.

Fun Facts: Anything you can teach in an indoor classroom can be taught outdoors, often in ways that are more enjoyable for children.

70% of the world’s animals depends on forests for their homes.

Forests cover 4 billion hectares of the Earth’s surface.

Key EYFS links:

 PSED: Seeks out others to share experiences (22-36).

PSED: Demonstrates sense of self and an individual (22-36).

CL: Uses single words (8-20).

CL: Uses different types of everyday words (16-26).

CL; Understands who, what and where questions (22-36).

UTW; Can talk about some of the things they have observed (30-50).

UTW: The World 30-50mths Talks about why things happen.

EAD: Exploring and using media and materials 30-50mths Beginning to describe the texture of things.


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