Some helpful ideas while you are at home for making meals on a budget with lots of new recipes and new ideas using basic ingredients, tinned and frozen foods.

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Our In­ House Chefs home cooking combines traditional recipes with an international twist offering children different tastes from around the world. Children are encouraged to eat vegetables and fresh fruit every day that are delivered using locally home grown produce. Our Mealtimes are a special time of day, our children eat in small family groups together with our staff to create a family atmosphere around the table encouraging them to try new things, helping to serve and initiating conversation.

For some children the majority of meals they eat during the week will be provided by us so we make sure our children are offered a wide variety of flavours from menus that are certified as nutritionally balanced.

Our included varied snacks offer each child a healthy choice of food option and drink during the nursery day. This encourages every child to speak with confidence and choose for themselves, promoting independence. All children have unlimited access to water throughout the day using on the go beakers whilst outside.

We cater for all special dietary requirements and this is discussed with each individual family. When your child is ready to start weaning, you may provide your own first tastes or try our varied weaning menu, freshly prepared by our chef.

Our Chefs take cooking clubs with our children weekly, encouraging children to have fun in the preparation of healthy food to take home to share!

We invite our Parents to join us for Breakfast! This is the most important meal of the day that often gets missed in the morning family rush. Start the day off on the right foot and enjoy breakfast with your child at nursery!

Blackberries Spring – Spring Menu

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