Develop and Learning

Develop and Learning

At Blackberry House Day Nursery, we are proud to be an inclusive setting by understanding the difference in development and learning for each child. Our aim is to make these experiences positive by enabling the children to reach their full potential by investing in their early development, enabling Blackberries to provide a great start to their future education.

We pride ourselves in early identification and the implementation of support to ensure the children receive the best possible help to overcome any challenges that they may confront during their early development and learning. Our experienced SEND Support Team will monitor and observe children to ensure that they are continually working towards their next developmental milestones and Early Years outcomes. Our Every Child a Talker (ECAT) coordinators monitor all children’s speech and language development working closely with our Setting Phonics Champions.

Our Area SEND Support Team manager provides support to staff and children, enabling consistent, high quality, targeted teaching. Designated learning workshops are organised and delivered, alongside training staff to deliver sessions to our children in a fun way; this includes Speech and Language and Phonics sessions from our Phonics Champions – ‘Sticky Kids’, ‘Music and Phonics’, ‘Bright Sparks’, ‘Silly Soup’ – learning through play. Our SEND support team also provide weekly trips to our local library for Rhyme time, to encourage Communication and Language, and outings to Sensory Soft Play.

Our SEND Support Team Manager is able to bridge gaps in communication between parents and other health care professionals, ensuring we are all on track with providing the best possible care for children and families.

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