Blackberries Nursery Refurbishment March

Blackberries Childcare is passionate about providing Outstanding environments for children to reach their potential, which is why we are excited to announce our exciting new plans to create a new state of the art nursery environment for our March setting this summer.

Our refurbishment will take place in two phases:

Phase 1 – The garage will be converted into a new Garden Playroom with a sheltered walk way to the main building. This will help to amalgamate indoor and outdoor play. Our children will gain enormous benefits from this kind of learning atmosphere. This unique environment will support children’s confidence and allow opportunities for big scale play, problem solving and creativity in the company of other children.

Phase 2 – Full Nursery Refurbishment. This will take place during the closure period with a full refurbishment of the main building and a rear extension to extend the ground floor space for our children creating rich indoor environments. This will have an immediate effect on the quality of our children’s learning development and will provide a flexible environment to accommodate children’s changing interests and needs.

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