Blackberries Big Toddle Wisbech

Sep 1, 2015News, Wisbech Latest News

Blackberries has been taking part in the UK’s biggest charity event for under 5s.
We held a short walk and had a teddy bear’s picnic event for the children and families to raise money for the most vulnerable children in the UK. The theme of the Toddler this year was pirates! Blackberry House Day Nursery Wisbech also raised money for Chatterjacks which is a group focusing on attention and listening skills, building comprehension and increasing spoken language skills in pre-schoolers.

Baby Unit
As part of the pirate theme we created shiny coins to hide amongst the shredded paper, going on a treasure hunt to find them all, it was much quicker to climb into the box to hunt around, throwing the paper up high made the coins float down so we could catch them.
We also used different coloured crayons and pencils to decorate various pirate pictures, we all worked together to create various marks.

Little Toddlers
We arrived at Blackberries dressed up as pirates and engaged in a variety of activities, including a dig for treasure in our sand pit, sea-themed shaving foam sensory play and also teddy bear and pirate themed colouring in.
Some of our family joined us for the toddle and also stayed for our picnic in the garden. We all had a fantastic day filled with fun and excitement!

Big Toddlers and Pre-School
We raised money for a good cause and had a wonderful time taking part in different pirate adventures such as digging for treasure, walking the plank, making pirate accessories and lots more. Ahoy Mateys!

Blackberry House Day Nursery Wisbech raised a total of £788.00!

Thank you to all our families for your support!