Baby 1

Our Babies receive gentle, sensitive care as they take the first steps in their learning. Our baby units offer bright happy day rooms designed to support every baby’s inbuilt curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them with wonderful equipment providing a range of sensory and exploratory toys.

We understand that children learn first at home and in the first very early years it is important to share each baby’s own individual routine from home into our nurseries. Blackberries believe that the involvement of parents within the group is important; keeping everyone up to date with those important milestones in a child’s development that might otherwise pass unnoticed. Each baby will have their own daily record of how their day has been. This is a two way communication between us and you their parents; our “Getting to know you” programme ensures we understand your child’s individual needs and is the starting point where our nursery staff are able to build a special bond with you and your child.

We recognise the first 1001 (conception to two years) is critical to ensure a positive beginning to create curios and keen learners, who feel safe and secure in a warm homely environment.

We ensure our practitioners working with this age have dedicated training to meet the specific requirements which will enable them to teach and educate this age group.

Our interconnecting sleep rooms provide a warm and gentle atmosphere for little ones sleep times, closely monitored by our key staff. Soft Lullabies and sweet music help settle each child. Rested babies enjoy our special time set aside every day for Tummy Time – which promotes early physical development which can help little ones learn to push themselves up, roll over and eventually sit, crawl and stand.

Our Baby units have direct access to purpose baby outdoor areas featuring first step play equipment and all children will have the opportunity for walks around our wonderful woodland play areas.

Our baby units have self contained kitchenettes for food preparation and feeds.

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