At Blackberries we believe in creating experiential learning opportunities by offering environments and resources that inspire the imagination and natural curiosity of the developing mind.

Of course, we support exploration in a controlled and secure way, explaining the dangers of what might happen in certain situations, and gently steering children away from unacceptable risk.

We believe for each child a new encounter is an adventure, a rich experience to be cherished and used with confidence as they follow into full time education.

We provide safe environments, yet allow them to explore how they use the equipment available to them in our wonderfully equipped natural outdoor garden areas.

Many stages of a child’s development introduce them to the ‘unknown’ as they embrace first experiences. When successfully mastered, it lays down the building blocks of future development. The first steps of a young baby, climbing stairs, letting go at the top of a slide, learning how to pedal a tricycle, clambering up the climbing frame and so on.

Learning at an early stage, and what it means to take a risk, perhaps with the occasional bump or scrape, gives the older child the essential courage, judgment skills and coping mechanisms to equip them to progress into the big wide world.

Blackberries have sound policies to manage risks as well as health & safety, food safety standards, first aid and fire procedures. The natural home environment allows each child to begin to understand the risks of everyday life without the exposure of unacceptable dangers.

Our policies, procedures and training for our staff are designed to promote a ‘can do’ approach providing the risk is assessed and controlled. If an accident were to happen, our staff are trained in pediatric first aid.

We constantly strive to strike a balance between providing a rich learning environment and ensuring the health, safety and welfare of your child.

We welcome parents’ comments and observations so that we can work together to provide the right balance.

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