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Peterborough Nursery 2016

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29th November 2016

Baby Unit: The Baby unit have been focusing on Sensory based activities. This month we have explored various Autumn Fruits/Vegetables using their different senses. The babies really enjoyed investigating these, feeling their texture. We have also had various messy activities, such as tissue paper and tin foil exploration. Light and Dark Topic: This month we […]

Peterborough Nursery October 2016

31st October 2016

Little Toddlers The children have been focusing on jungle animals, we have been using the jungle animals and using their feet to stamp them in paint and print them on the paper. The children have been exploring the flour, cereal and grass in a jungle theme play tray, the children explored the textures by mixing […]

Peterborough Nursery September 2016

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3rd October 2016

Babies We have been welcoming lots of new babies to the room and getting to know them and their families. All the babies have enjoyed exploring the sensory baskets, rolling the balls and looking at the books. Baby room have been doing lots of messy play; painting, shaving foam play and rice painting. Babies loved […]

Peterborough Nursery August 2016

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1st September 2016

Baby Unit The Baby Unit has been exploring different textures with the dinosaurs, feeding them the pasta, shredded paper and porridge oats. We have also been exploring the puzzles in the garden, fitting in the different shapes in the puzzle. The Babies have been learning to climb up and down the slide having lots of […]

Peterborough Nursery July 2016

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27th July 2016

Babies The Babies have been using the sensory room to explore different ways of moving and looking at ourselves in the mirror. We have also been learning to feed ourselves at lunch time. Little Toddlers We have been exploring shaving foam with green and blue colours with the dinosaurs exploring making different marks. To make […]

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