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Local Garden Center Christmas Tree Visit 2011

20th February 2014

Blackberries pre-school children visited a local garden centre to choose the nursery Christmas Tree. The children enjoyed looking at all the trees and touching the pine needles and seeing how soft or pointy they were. With busy parents and work schedules many children today miss out on the preparation for our busy festive season. The […]

Local market visit Autumn 2011

20th February 2014

Blackberries pre- school  children enjoy time getting out and about in the local community. It is important that young children enjoy and begin to understand everyday life experiences linking to Knowledge and Understanding of the world around them. The children have recently visited the locacl market and shopped for local grown fresh produce. The children […]

Blackberry Farm Visit Summer 2011

20th February 2014

Pre-School Children visited Blackberry Farm to pick apples and listen to the popular story book by Jane Pilgrim about Ernest Owl at Blackberry Farm. Blackberry Farm is the birth place of the Blackberries Childcare Group where children were cared for in the home environment by childminders that began the Blackberry House Day Nursery journey. The […]

Pumpkin Farm Visit Autumn 2011

20th February 2014

Blackberries enjoy being out and about in their local community discovering where food comes from and how it arrives in our supermarkets. This is part of Blackberries Food for Life programme. Pre-school enjoyed another trip to Oakley Farms, Outwell this year to see the Pumpkins. Children saw pumpkins of all shapes and sizes and how […]

Family Week 2011

Family week logo
20th February 2014

National family week was celebrated at Blackberry House Day Nursery this past week with events held for parents to join their children for Breakfast, Bike Day, Art Morning, Polish Information evening with Blackberries bilingual nursery nurse Magdalena Laba and the “Big Lunch “ on Sunday. Families joined nursery staff for a big family lunch and […]

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